La Puente Los Angeles California Wedding Open Air Photo Booth

Photo booths are a great way to capture some fun and interesting pictures of your guests! It allows for a more candid collection instead of just having posed portraits. I thought it was a great way of capturing everyone that night as we set up for this event. Everyone was having a great time and I loved seeing all the different combinations of poses and props that people were able to come up with! With smiles and laughter throughout the night, it was an awesome moment to be a part of!

La Mirada Los Angeles California Wedding Open Air Photo Booth

Take a look at all the fun people were having at this event! We were all having a great time with the photo booth we had set up. With many props to choose from, people were always smiling or laughing as they joked around. With funny poses, serious poses, or ones that were loving, it was hard to choose which was my favorite! They were all fantastic and I loved the fact that these would all serve as great memories for years to come! I thought it was an awesome way to get some candid shots as everyone let loose and had a great time!

La Habra Heights Los Angeles California Wedding Open Air Photo Booth

It was a great time for everyone at this event. Adding to the special occasion, it was great to have a photo booth to be able to capture even more incredible moments! People were having a great time with it too. There was always a line as people waited to have their time in the booth, but even those people waiting were able to have a great time as they played around with props. Choosing the perfect ones for themselves and having a fun time posing, it was awesome to see all the different ways they came up with! I loved it all and I could tell that they all did too!