Thompsons Houston Texas Wedding Open Air Photo Booth

Thompsons Houston Texas Wedding Open Air Photo Booth, Photo booths are a great way to capture some fun and interesting pictures of your guests! It allows for a more candid collection instead of just having posed portraits. I thought it was a great way of capturing everyone that night as we set up for this event. Everyone was having a great time and I loved seeing all the different combinations of poses and props that people were able to come up with! With smiles and laughter throughout the night, it was an awesome moment to be a part of!

Sweeny Houston Texas Wedding Open Air Photo Booth

People were having a great time at our photo booth! There was a line as soon as we set it up and everyone had that excited look in their eyes! Choosing from a ton of props and making funny expressions for their poses, it was great to see all the different things people could come up with.  Having a great turn out, it was definitely a highlight of this party!

Cyrpress Houston Texas Photobooth

Cyrpress Houston Texas Photobooth. There was nothing but smiles and laughter as we had a great time working at an event with this photo booth.  Everyone was excited that there was one there. You could definitely tell this by the huge line that continued throughout the night! Everyone wanted a chance to have fun, let loose, and get their picture taken with friends.  It was great that they also got