Devine San Antonio Texas Wedding Open Air Photo Booth

I couldn’t believe how much fun we had at this event! Having a photo booth was definitely a great idea! It brought so much life to the party! People were lining up endlessly to be a part of the fun and it was great to see so many people participating! Having fun as they picked out their props and posed for the camera, I loved seeing all the creative and different ways people used them! It was an amazing night and I was glad to be a part of it!

Selma San Antonio Texas Wedding Open Air Photo Booth

Take a look at this amazing night we were able to have! Setting up a photo booth at an event, I couldn’t believe all the people who lined up to have a chance to have their turn! Everyone was even having fun as they waited. Choosing from the many different props we had, it was great to see everyone having fun. With the ability to show their true colors and to pose however they wanted, I loved the result! With memories to last a lifetime, it was great to see all the smiling faces!

Schertz San Antonio Texas Wedding Open Air Photo Booth

Do you want to add that extra little something to your event? Well why not have a photo booth? Setting up one for this event, I couldn’t believe the excitement from everyone! Providing endless amounts of fun throughout the night, everyone couldn’t wait to get their props and pose for the camera! Everyone of course got their own printout of their time in the booth and it was definitely a great way to remember this fabulous moment! It was great!